Kate & Ross – Yarra Valley Wedding

This couple were absolute soul mates. Laughter & full of Life in their love for one another – The gorgeous ceremony & reception was held at Zonzo in the Yarra Valley with the rain holding off until just after the ceremony, then clearing in time for portraits on the property. What a wonderful day! Images by Amber Gardener – Naturalight Photography. Flowers by Two Sister Friends


S & B’s Wedding at Tussie Mussie in Merricks North

This gorgeous couple dreamed of an intimate wedding with just family and siblings. They preferred to remain anonymous, however gave me permissions to share their beautiful styling and setting of their day. It was just glorious! The sun shone brightly, a harpist played gently under the shade of a tree and the relaxed atmosphere felt more like a relaxed garden party than a wedding. Their love and affection was so evident and it was a pleasure to have captured their day. Celebrant: Emma Tomlinson.

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Laura & Peter’s Mordialloc Engagement & Willow Creek Wedding by Amber Gardener – Naturalight Photography

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Laura and Peter’s wedding was a stunning day – a reflection of their love for each other. Their family and friends circled and embraced them with their support and Love. Deliciously decorated by the team at Hello Blossoms!

Gown: Mariana Harwick Flowers & Event Styling: Hello Blossoms  B&B for prepration: Tussie Mussie Retreat  Ceremony & Reception: Salix at Willow Creek Winery Videography: Life in Light Films Photography: Amber Gardener – Naturalight Photography

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Dorothy’s 70th Birthday Celebration by Amber Gardener

Dorothy’s Birthday was celebrated in her new home. Friends and Family made the trip from overseas and interstate to celebrate her wonderful life. A nurse for many years – Dorothy’s work colleagues remain friends to this day, affectionately calling her The Queen! The day was so relaxed and the birthday girl, went around the tables and told beautiful stories of how she met each friend and a special story they shared together over the years..A proud Mother and Grandmother – she relishes in time with her Grandchildren.

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