thought for the day – naturalight photography wedding tips to working with your photographer

Thought for the day:

When planning your wedding day – you choose colours, locations and style – it will all come together to “paint” the end diary of photo memories – your ability to take your photo session seriously “on the day” – a few handy suggestions that will make your photo session run smoothly and assist your photographer to create a wide variety of images. You need to work with your photographer – you hired a photographer for a reason – keep in mind you need to co-operate and communicate with the photographer.

** have a few locations in mind that will offer a variety of back drops ** make time for the photographer – leave drinks and smoking aside during group photos ** tell your celebrant that a group photo will occur after the ceremony ** try to keep congratulations after the ceremony to a minimum as usually the light will go quickly (depending on the time of your wedding) ** your day will happen as it happens and the photographer will have the light, conditions, your look, your emotions and your needs to think about – so do not look at too many glossy magazines and try not to set an ideal of what you will look like. You are You!

All of this considered – you can have fun with your photographer – be relaxed on the day and you will look relaxed in the images – be yourself and you will look yourself!

Food for thougt link – Surviving Wedding Portraits – Wedding Photojournalist Association


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