Remembering Mary-Jane

Remembering Mary-Jane,

In life, people touch your being and leave footprints forever. Usually those people are our parents or our children
or even good friends. For me, I was touched by a beautiful angel in Mary-Jane.

Mary-Janes Name in the sand 2009.

In my job I photograph newborn babies at Peninsula Private Hospital – I have always adored this photography
and each week I meet new babies and chat with excited parents about their birth stories and plans they have
for when they head home.

In November 2008 I had the joy of photographing Mary-Jane and her beauiful mother Michelle – I had already met this beautiful family
when I photographed their eldest son Jonah when he was born there years previous.

I was contacted by a family member a few weeks after the sitting and informed that Mary-Jane had passed away suddenly at 8 days old.
I was so deeply saddened and touched at hearing this news and her passing moved me from that day onward.
I felt so blessed to have met and photographed Mary-Jane – I wished I could have gone back in time and taken a hundred more photos.

I take my work seriously and always have – however I previously took for granted just how special and meaningful my profession is as a photographer, not in an arrogant way – in a naive way that didnt put a lot of relevance to my role.
 MaryJane has remained in my mind and her memory gives me inspiration to always keep on keeping on with what I do – not only as a child photographer, but as a mother to my 4 beautiful kids.  My images are a beautiful tribute to each baby and are so meaningful to me as I take them with sincerity and Love.
All I can say is take lots of pictures of your children –  photographs take seconds to take – but actually give us memories forever.

 Tomorrow would be Mary Jane’s 2nd birthday and on this day while her family mourn and remember her – I want to let you know
that I too will remember and honour her beautiful life tomorrow and always.

Love to your family. xxxxx

MJ's photo in a Thankyou card from Michelle - remains at my desk.


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