Just for Fun? or Serious? Hipstamatic App = A++++++

Can’t it be both “serious” and “just for fun”? I say a big resounding YES!

Around 6 months ago I stumbled upon the Hipstamatic for iphone App when I upgraded my phone from the 3g to the iphone 4. I must say – it is a stunning app. At first for random experiments and now I am more refined and selective with my choices of what I shoot with. These are a few of my random images – I have some amazing series of images coming soon, so watch this space 🙂 ❤


I have even found myself at weddings snapping a few images to include in the couples’ wedding album! Here are a few of my results, do yourself a favour – if you want images that are edgy, retro, quirky and impossible on a digital slr – this is the APP for you! Well done Synthetic Corp! xxx

I also entered an image in a recent competition http://community.hipstamatic.com/submissions/39267 which will also show you some amazingly creative images from around the globe! Get hip and step inside the world that is Hipstamatic!



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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