Hipstamatic Australia

Jack London Trunk Show – Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2011. I am so excited to be the official Hipstamatic Community Australia Ambassador! This app has been such a huge part of my photographic life for nearly a year now, the results are so different, retro and quirky. I feel privileged to be part of such a wonderful team. If you are a Hipsta fan and want to show off your photos from Australia – www.facebook.com/hipstamaticaustralia we will keep you updated with all the latest news straight from the USA! To coincide with the launch of Hipstamatic Australia I headed to the Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival and enjoyed a trunk show by Jack London, (designer Karl Bartl). The fashion was inspired and themed to Romper Stomper/English Coolcats/Quadophenia – very cool!!   Awesome fashions, a lovely crowd and we interviewed Rhys Uhlich who shot to international fame after he won Australia’s next top model, he talked about recently being photographed with only an iPhone including Hipstamatic for a photo shoot for People Australia Clothing line! We met the beautiful Allanah Hill – one of Australia’s leading fashion designers, she sat across from us and was using her iPhone during the show! Watch out for the video of the evening, coming very soon!

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