Melba what a show pony! by Amber Gardener

There is a little bit of a story behind this one!! Well I had been scheduled to shoot at Barak Estate for Mornington Life Magazine – after being briefed on the style of shoot – Spring Racing was a theme – so in my mind – I creatively say to myself – I need a horse. I put the call out on face book, no one can come as it is a week day shoot. So driving on the day of the shoot along bumpy Barak lane and I notice a rider on his horse in his property – I stop my car, whiz down the window and randomly yell out – “hi, I am a photographer and we have a fashion shoot down your road at Barak, would you possibly have a horse you could bring to us for a few photos??”- Terry yells out – yep no problems, I have a nice chestnut that will be perfect. So off I drive – still shocked I found a horse and thankful how tinny I am ( I have a habit of being tinny – thats for another blog…).

Well when Terry walked in the gate with Melba on the lead – she was just breathtaking – he then began to explain – she is actually a MOVIE STAR!! Starring as one of the leading horses in the film just real eased called The Cup – about Damien Oliver’s life as a champion jockey. Melba played MEDIA PUZZLE –

Our models were new and still learning the ropes of modelling let alone handling a huge horse – so I was so proud at how they kept their cool and did the job – in true model form! Terry a trainer was so patient and a Godsend!! 


3 thoughts on “Melba what a show pony! by Amber Gardener

  1. Thank you for stopping by, how did you find my post? Tinny it is a slang word for lucky I suppose.. My Mother always called me that, others use it too -blokes on a building site might have a bet on a horse and the winner will get the jobs of tin-arse..etc.. it means someone has a lot of luck or things fall in their lap that have good outcome.. I won a random phone comp as a 15yr old, to go to a huge music awards show all expenses paid, among other things.. I push things to the limit – I ask the questions others may not attempt – people can only say no. So for me I am a very positive and pro active person and I put tinny down to believing and striving for a goal or success..
    Thank you for stopping by!

    • You’re welcome. I think I found you on tag-surfer. That was my sense of what tinny meant–from your context. My daughter constantly remarks how I get into conversations & make friends with random strangers. Sounds like tinny is a word for lucky, for those who actually make their own luck. Anyhow, thanks. Nice work.

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