Alice & Jack’s Wedding by Amber Gardener Naturalight Photography



Alice and Jack had THE most amazing day. I felt as though I had known them for a long time, we gelled and they both trusted in me from word go. They told me they wanted relaxed and narrative images that took them back to their day. The rain came that morning and didn’t leave til late the next day. This didn’t faze Alice and Jack, their day was ALL about them and the special Love & Respect they share for one another. Their affection and care was so visual you could almost reach out to touch it. I cried behind my camera as they exchanged vows, looking back over the photos I believe I delivered on what they were after. As the weather had turned quite heavy, we enjoyed photos at the family home in Mt Eliza and it was perfectly relaxed for photos of the family and couple.

Congratulations on a superbly awesome day!

Church St James the Less – Mt Eliza

Flowers – Flowergirls Mornington

Limousine – Exotic Limo

Reception – The Gallery Bar & Grill Mt Eliza

Images by Amber Gardener – Naturalight Photography
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