Children’s Portraits by Amber Gardener} Naturalight Photography

Connecting with children in a short time at a family session is always wonderful to me, they meet me and suddenly have a camera in front of them. So I play games, sing a song and instead of Say Cheese – sometimes a “Say Stinky Feet” little boys love it when I say this! Hearing feedback from parents such as “you really captured the true essence of my child” or “I feel like I see her personality in this photo” is exactly what I strive to capture in every portrait.

2013-07-20_001 2013-07-20_002 2013-07-20_003 2013-07-20_004 2013-07-20_005 2013-07-20_006 2013-07-20_007 2013-07-20_008 2013-07-20_009 2013-07-20_010 2013-07-20_011 2013-07-20_012 2013-07-20_013 2013-07-20_014


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