The Wedding of Tori & James (aka Jimmy Giggle) by Naturalight Photography

WOW – What a day. Tori would have to be THE most relaxed and organised bride I have ever met, arriving to find all the bridesmaids dressed and Tori casually sitting around with her parents, just taking in the day. Flowers and Decorations were by Herbaceous Florist in Mt Eliza, Tori’s dress stole the show! When I arrived at The Briars Barn, Mt Martha,  James too was super relaxed! You may recognise James who is affectionately known as Jimmy Giggle from the children’s ABC program Giggle & Hoot. I must say this gorgeous couple are so down to earth, fun and oh so in Love. It shows in these photos.

James’ Grandfather delivered a heartfelt speech that actually had me shedding tears behind the camera, explaining that Communication is the key to a successful marriage – he being married to his wife for 60 years and neither distance nor lack of technology stopped him putting pen to paper to mail by sea, messages of his feelings for his wife. Truly a touching moment. James’ brother sang a beautiful song unaccompanied as the bridal party walked down the aisle – the support and emotion surrounding this couple by their family and friends could be felt and gave me goosebumps.

It was my absolute pleasure to capture their wedding and these photos are just a few from their emotional and fun filled day.

Wishing them every joy for their future as man and wife.



Hair by Cocos Salon Mt Eliza

Make Up by Stephanie Cherrill

Florist: Herbaceous Florist

Ceremony Venue: The Briars 

Reception Venue: The Ranelagh Club Mt Eliza
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