Cafe Culture – Intro by Amber Gardener

Well I think it’s safe to say that Photography and Coffee normally go hand in hand..( a little bit of a generalisation but I will say it anyway!)

Well for me they go hand in hand!

Whether I am waking to a busy day and making a coffee pod at home or my favourite relaxing past-time; out and about discovering new cafes and quirky holes in the wall handing me my caffeine fix.

Coffee is one of my favourite luxuries in life. Going to a great cafe gives me such a happy experience as I can be surrounded by strangers, but enjoy time out over the humdrum of the barista at work,  the laughter of diners and perhaps the repetition of cars driving past the window..

I have blogged 3 gorgeous Mornington Cafe’s and will frequent more with my camera to capture what they are about and give you a feel of what to expect when you stop by.

I hope you enjoy this little venture in my blog as much as I will enjoy capturing the details and coffee of course!! The first cafe will appear tonight!

I guarantee to give you a visual delight of funky decor, food & coffee!

If you are a cafe and want me to pop past yours – email me at for more info!





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