Seeing Double – Audrey & Evie by Amber Gardener Naturalight Photography

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Double the Love by Naturalight Photography


When Braxton and Harry entered my studio at 7 days new, they were blissfully asleep! Their gorgeous Mum and Grandmother came and looked on as I posed and themed these gorgeous photos. Being their first Christmas – we did a few Red/White Hat themed photos. (Hats Courtesy of the Sleeping Willow – USA). We then used a few knitted hats from Love that Prop and also some coloured wraps from Ok Charli. Having worked with twins before and needing to take into consideration the sleep patterns and routines of 2 precious babes – these two practically slept through the whole session and adored being close and squished together. Working with newborns I feel the love in my heart as a mother, I see the love in a parents eyes and the love and joy that children bring to ALL those around them. Look out – these two have Double the Love – what a powerful potion for sending everyone they meet into a dreamy spin. What gorgeous spunky boys!