Luella’s Space featured in Little One Baby Magazine Summer 2013 by Amber Gardener

Welcome to Luella’s space! What a gorgeous nursery – I captured the details for Little One Baby Magazine in their Summer Edition out Nov 2013.

Simone is a very talented Mum with her own business creating toddlers moccasins – Little Scout Co and also that eye for detail and style as demonstrated in the design aesthetic in LuLu’s nursery.

Images by Amber Gardener – Naturalight Photography

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Pirate Themed Party for ‘Lottie & Me’ by Amber Gardener

Images by Amber Gardener – Naturalight Photography

Event Styling by Lottie & Me

Cake Pops: Cakes & Biscuits by Lisa

Cake, Cupcakes & Cookies by Samanthas Cakes

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Products & Places by Amber Gardener


I have had an exceptionally BUSY year commercially – with oodles variety in product photos of awesome items made by clever working Mothers, as well as established commercial enterprises including gymnasiums and personal trainers. Magazines & Salons…


A list of clients include: Aurora Scents, Skamma Gym, Rapid Fitness, Baby Tiers, Little Girls Lane, Cassidy’s Collection, Garlic Kiss Restaurant, Hook & Linen,  The Glamour Mafia, Navajo Label,  Zumay Salon, Caramelicious, Mornington Life Magazine & Frankston Health Expo… to mention a few..

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